Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hot Air Ballooning

We finally got to go up.
We had tried going Hot Air Ballooning before but weather plays a big factor in that from wind to rain.

You can read and look at pictures of that here

But this time our third attempt of trying we ended up going. I guess the sang Third Time is a charm was right for this one.  

We were going to go in the evening but it was windy so it was cancelled. But Sean said to us would you like to try for it in the morning but make sure you call. We said sure.
We were up early at 4a.m. and my Husband called to see if we were going and it was a go. It was a cool morning.
We got to the park at 6a.m. The first ones there.

It took us half an hour to drive through Letchworth State Park to get to the area of Balloons Over Letchworth.

I have to say i was like a little kid waiting to go up.

Here is the time we spent

Now were going up  :)

Our Balloon chasers following us so they can help at the end get the balloon packed and to get a drive back to the park. The pick up truck with trailer and than the van

                                                         Sean Quigley FAA Licensed Pilot

We saw lots of Deer running through out our ride

Above the hydro wires

Horses and Sheep

The Hot Air Balloon scared the Sheep

We were up in the air  for about an hour and half and it was just amazing.
They had to ask a farmer if we could land on his grounds and we landed in Mt Morris


Tipping over and getting ready to pack up

Back to Letchworth State Park

Getting ready for a glass of Champagne

These guys were great helping out. As we hand landed on an Alfalfa field and they moved us while in the Hot Air Balloon while we were slightly up getting soaked and helping Sean

Sean was great also taking us on this ride and getting us safe to the ground :)

All i can say is if you ever get a chance to go Hot Air Ballooning go ahead and do it. But remember it might not turn out for you to go. As weather may seem fine to you but remember the Pilot is taking care of you and making sure everything is fine.
It was well worth the wait.

Since being in this area a couple of times we went to a very nice restaurant for dinner

First time i had GREEK LASAGNA
and my Husband had BEEF LASAGNA
Dessert i had Chocolate Lasagna
and my Husband had Biscotti

Second time for Diiner my Husband i both had

For dessert my Husband had Cannoli
and i had the Chocolate Lasagna

The food was great and a small nice quaint restaurant

I am one for desserts i have a sweet tooth and my Chocolate Lasagna

       was very tasty and sweet and well you can share it as it is a good size as you can see here.

We also had stayed at the same Hotel both times which is in


Both times nice stay and good service at the desk nad nice clean rooms
The second time we went swimming in the indoor pool which is small but nice and a hot tub also.

I think it would be great to go Hot Air Ballooning in the fall because of the colours.

We had such a great time something i recommend.


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