Tuesday, July 23, 2013


When thinking of some place to eat as a family and something for everybody on the menu sometimes you have to think oh will this person eat this or that. But one place we find ourselves going to a good amount of times is the Mandarin as I know we all can find something to eat.

I also want my kids to eat well also. Which they do and they can try out things. That is one thing I do like about buffets because you try different foods and see if you like the item and not be afraid of wasting food as you can take one piece of it and if you enjoy it you can go get some more.

The buffet has soup and salad bar, grill tables, a prime rib counter, a sushi area, and a variety of hot foods.    Chinese and Canadian food.
 An assortment of desserts and an ice cream sundae bar and fruit to finish off your meal.

 They also have take-out and delivery available at every location.

We enjoy going to the Mandarin Restaurant  as we always enjoy our meals and all of us find something to fill our tummy's up with. You never go hungry.
I think I sometimes over eat as it is so good.

Have you been to the Mandarin?
What is your favourite thing to eat?

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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Niagara Glen Nature Reserve

We enjoy going on trails. Perfect day we went to Niagara Glen. Great views lots of walking and enjoying time together with the family.
Visitors should be aware that hikes through the Niagara Glen involve an elevation change of over 60 m (200 ft). Proper footwear suitable for steep and rugged terrain is required. The trails are well laid out and easily negotiated if you take your time! There's lots of interesting geology and biology to explore.

                                                           Also it is free to do this trail

                                                        The stairs to get down to the trails

While walking the trail you could hear and see the Whirl Pool Jet  tours going. Which was really cool to see.
I so want to do this someday with my family. As it looks like fun.

                                                Saw a couple of snakes during the trail

                             I wanted to climb up a boulder

St. Jacobs Farmers' Market

St Jacobs is always nice to visit. We have gone there quite a few times but we like to walk around and look and shop.
There is an outlet mall that you can shop at and you can even check out the Farmers-Market which runs on certain days. So many vendors at the outdoor market changes with the seasons and, when in full swing, is a  mix of local growers, Old Order Mennonite farmers, quality flea market wares, edibles, bedding plants, buskers, and a petting farm.

Also if you want a night away you can stay in St Jacobs

But don't forget that the Farmers Market is open on
 • Thursday and Saturday ALL YEAR 7 am - 3:30 pm
• Tuesday SUMMER MARKET June 11 to August 27, 2013   8 am - 3 pm

It also a very busy place.


          My Husband and I like checking out Antiques once in a while so he found a place for us to go to.
                                   We went to One Of A Kind Antique Mall.
                                       It was big with 3 floors of so much stuff to see.

                                                  It is in  in Woodstock, Ontario

                  The mall is the largest in Canada with over 75,000 sq. feet and 500 booths.
                                      They are open daily 10-5 except statutory holidays.

                                                            The building from the outside


We spent a few hours at Reptilia with our kids. We were looking for something to do during the week as our kids have a gap in age and finding something that they would both enjoy.
This turned out as a great choice for us all to do.

Where you can watch one of the feedings

My boys and a snake

You can see up to four reptile feedings every day. Also they have free live theatre show where you can hear information on some of the reptiles and maybe even get to touch them.

                                   If you are wanting to check them out they are here

                                                       2501 Rutherford Road
                                                             Vaughan, Ontario
                                                             Canada L4K 2N6

Check them out online see what else they have to offer from camp to parties and more