Monday, December 23, 2013

Ice Storm in Ontario

Did you get hit by the storm and did your power go out?
Our power went out Sunday December 22 2013 at 2p:m and did not come back on till 4a:m on Monday December 23
There was a lot of damage around the area from trees down to power outages.
It did look pretty with everything coated in ice but what it did to everything was not nice.

                                               Smoke bush flopped over on our veranda

                                                     tree across the street
                                                   hydro wires heavy and lower from ice
                                                             bushes heavy and down
                                           Went out later to clean up some ice as it was mild
                                                        and our tree lost a branch
                                               Down the one street was trees down and wires
                                                     This is one of the trees
                                                                  Another street

                                                               Our property
                                                               My Husband Behind the tree
                                                           branches are low to the sidewalk

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

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Monday, November 4, 2013

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Sunday, November 3, 2013



When the NutriBullet first came out I did not know anything about it. But I work retail and I saw that it sold very well. So I wanted to know more about it so I made myself watch some Youtube videos to learn more about it.
All I would do is talk about it to my Husband telling him so much about how it was good getting your fruit and vegetables into a smoothie. But I had a big blender and made smoothies already but I liked the fact that this was smaller and it would make just the right amount. I thought even my oldest son could make himself a smoothie when he came home at lunch from school.
My Husband had heard me talk about it so much that he said why don't you get one. I kept on thinking about it. Finally I had decided to get one.
We all used the NutriBullet which I was hoping we would. Making smoothies mostly was what we made but we have made salsa using it also.
My Husband and son made the usual smoothies with fresh fruit and and frozen fruit. Me I had to try different things to know I was doing some good for my body and I wanted to try it.
 I would put spinach, carrots and fruit. I even tried kale and avocado. From my liquid sometimes being water or milk or almond milk to soy milk and more.
From nuts to spices to coconut oil. I was wanting to try something in my smoothie. My Husband thought my smoothies were not good. I do have to say some of them were so delicious and some of them not so much. But you try and make it to the way you want it.


                                                    The tall cup


The power base                                



  1 handled comfort lip ring








                                                         Sometimes the colour was very nice and sometimes it was not. But it is the taste that you want to care about but yes I know you can look at a colour and get thrown off. You should see some of the green ones I drink.

The blade chops up the food pretty good but some seeds are harder to chop. From how much liquid you put into your smoothie will make a difference also. The less liquid you will have you will have a thicker drink. So play around with what you may like. The thicker it is though also will be more filling.
Make sure you pay attention to the max level as if you go over it you could have a mess on your hands or it could spill into the machine and ruin it.
I know mine is over the max. Mine turned out fine.

When making a smoothie take cup off of base and give it a good shake sometimes and put back on base and blend again. That can help can stuff moving around better.
You can make a smoothie and bring it with as it comes with 2 Stay fresh resealable lids to take on the go.
It comes with user guide and recipe book to give you ideas.

The only negative I find about the NutriBullet is the gasket ring under the blades you should not remove to clean as this can cause damage and leak. So over time I find that it can get particles of food-smoothie under it. Also it is loud so making a smoothie when people are resting might not be a great thing.

I do enjoy the NutriBullet it is just the right size cups to enjoy a nice refreshing smoothie. So easy to use.
Do you like to make smoothies? Do you have a NutriBullet and what is your thoughts?




These are my own thoughts as I purchased this on my own and thought I would share what I think of it


Saturday, November 2, 2013

Trail day with my Husband

                                                           Trail day

                                     at Crooks Hollow to start. It started of to be a cool day
                                                         the colours were so nice

                                                 Darnley Mill       Darnley Cascade
                                             across the way a little bit from Crooks Hollow
                                                           The Mill
                                                            Behind the Dam
                                                        My Husband and I enjoying the day

                                                            Back through the Crooks Hollow
                                                                           The sun shining
Our drive through Dundas
at the top is Dundas Peak
                                                                         Drove to
                                                                     Sherman Falls


                                                                    Now to head towards
Tiffinay Falls

We had such a great day together and enjoyed the scenery and the weather
Also enjoying each others company which was the best