Saturday, November 2, 2013

Trail day with my Husband

                                                           Trail day

                                     at Crooks Hollow to start. It started of to be a cool day
                                                         the colours were so nice

                                                 Darnley Mill       Darnley Cascade
                                             across the way a little bit from Crooks Hollow
                                                           The Mill
                                                            Behind the Dam
                                                        My Husband and I enjoying the day

                                                            Back through the Crooks Hollow
                                                                           The sun shining
Our drive through Dundas
at the top is Dundas Peak
                                                                         Drove to
                                                                     Sherman Falls


                                                                    Now to head towards
Tiffinay Falls

We had such a great day together and enjoyed the scenery and the weather
Also enjoying each others company which was the best


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