Sunday, August 21, 2016


I heard about this Lavender Farm from another blog so I was telling my Husband about it and that today was the last day of the season to visit.
So he said lets go see.
So we went to 

We payed half price today
It is best to go in the middle of July
to see the Lavender in full bloom.

It was still nice to walk around and see the farm and the scent in the air was a light smell of the lavender 
I would like to go back when they are in bloom
as I still thought it was beautiful so just imagine what it would be like with the flowers in bloom. 
 Also the staff was very friendly
They also have tours which we did not end up doing as were fine walking around and enjoying the scenery but I bet it would be very informative if we did do the tour


Yellow Bench Trail

 How often do you see a door in a field?
 Everyone wanted to have a picture at the door.

Gift shop

We did not purchase anything from the gift shop
  They had many nice items in the gift shop
and beautiful art

But we had to order the Lavender Ice-cream cone
which was the end of our time at the Lavender Field
Light and sweet a very nice treat to our day 

Weather was windy and nice a great day to 
Terre Bleu Lavender Field

Terre Bleu Lavender Farm 2501, Sideroad 25, Milton, ON


Looking for something to do with your kids or even for yourself
You can go bowling and go to the arcade and have some fun
Our youngest son had gone bowling on a school trip and had told us about it so we thought we would take him here to do something as a family 
They also have daily specials you can eat here.
If you want to have a party here might be worth looking into.


We played a couple of games of bowling 



Our son was most interesed in checking out the arcade.
We purchased a $25 card for our son to use which you put into the game you want to play and you can earn tickets to purchase something at the end. Each item has certain points that you can use.
He bought candy mostly.
Our son also let us play which was nice as it kept us busy to do something also.