Monday, December 23, 2013

Ice Storm in Ontario

Did you get hit by the storm and did your power go out?
Our power went out Sunday December 22 2013 at 2p:m and did not come back on till 4a:m on Monday December 23
There was a lot of damage around the area from trees down to power outages.
It did look pretty with everything coated in ice but what it did to everything was not nice.

                                               Smoke bush flopped over on our veranda

                                                     tree across the street
                                                   hydro wires heavy and lower from ice
                                                             bushes heavy and down
                                           Went out later to clean up some ice as it was mild
                                                        and our tree lost a branch
                                               Down the one street was trees down and wires
                                                     This is one of the trees
                                                                  Another street

                                                               Our property
                                                               My Husband Behind the tree
                                                           branches are low to the sidewalk