Sunday, July 17, 2016

Waterford Heritage Trail and Shadow Lake Trail

Went to Waterford and parked on Alice Street first and looked over Shadow Lake here first.
Very nice view with a dock to walk out onto.

Parking at the west end of Nichol St. near the silos.

 View from the Black Bridge which if you stay on is
The trail would be great to bike ride on as it is so long

 Now walking along Shadow Lake Trail which you can go fishing but make sure you have a permit 
on you as we saw it being enforced by the fishing and wild life department

Dofasco 2000 Trail

We parked on Powerline Road near Fifth Road beside a field.
and started the trail there
You can start the trail at the Devil's Punch Bowl if you want to.

It was a nice easy trail to walk on and lots of boardwalk and very nice and scenic.
We were the only ones on the trail. 
It was so quiet.

We did not do the whole trail as this was the first time we were on it and did not know enough information of where it ended and we enjoyed what we had done. 
We eneded at Eighth Road and walked back.

The trail was developed in partnership with Dofasco Inc., the former City of Stoney Creek, the HCA and the Canada Millennium Partnership Program.

Map here

 Some parts of the boadrwalk were getting shrub cover a little bit on the sides and grwing through the bottom.
They have fixed parts of the boardwalk with new planks of wood.

This is Eighth Road

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sudbury Science North

100 Ramsey Lake Road
Sudbury, ON P3E 5S9 Canada
(705) 522-3701
or 1-800-461-4898
Fax: (705) 522-4954

Science North was great to visit from young or old there is something for everybody to see and do.
You can spend all day here which we did.
You can see short movies which are informative
You can see so much and you get hands on learning and fun

Rock formation

So many dried insects to see

I liked the butterfly chair
real bugs 

My husband holds a tarantula
My son holds a stick bug (Phasmida or Phasmatoptera)

Butterfly room

Touch a  snake
Snapping Turtle

View out the window to Lake Ramsey

Sudbury's Bridge of Nations on the Paris Street bridge.

Dinner at

M.I.C. (Made in Canada) Eatery & Whisky Pub 

This was a nice dinner we enjoyed it very much

B.C. Wrap with kettle chips

The Hoser Burger = Double

M.I.C. Signature Crispy wings
 2 lbs 
Honey Garlic and Whisky BBQ