Sunday, July 17, 2016

Dofasco 2000 Trail

We parked on Powerline Road near Fifth Road beside a field.
and started the trail there
You can start the trail at the Devil's Punch Bowl if you want to.

It was a nice easy trail to walk on and lots of boardwalk and very nice and scenic.
We were the only ones on the trail. 
It was so quiet.

We did not do the whole trail as this was the first time we were on it and did not know enough information of where it ended and we enjoyed what we had done. 
We eneded at Eighth Road and walked back.

The trail was developed in partnership with Dofasco Inc., the former City of Stoney Creek, the HCA and the Canada Millennium Partnership Program.

Map here

 Some parts of the boadrwalk were getting shrub cover a little bit on the sides and grwing through the bottom.
They have fixed parts of the boardwalk with new planks of wood.

This is Eighth Road


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