Saturday, June 11, 2011

Letchworth State Park

My Husband and I had went away for a couple of nights. We went to visit Letchworth Park.
The drive was nice and i thought it was going to rain as by th Windmill pictures it was foggy and gloomy.
One of the areas had so many windmills. I have never seen so many. So yes i had to take pictures.

Lots of walking and 3 main Waterfalls. Just beautiful.

Link to check out for more information

Here is Letchworh Park. Wow it was beautiful. You can drive through it from one end to the next. Lots of walking through the park also.
You can camp, swim, eat.
Also Hot Air Ballooning which was our purpose of going.

Well the Hot Air Ballooning got cancelled because of possible weather.
Which is understandable. You need to have good weather and no possible risk of storms, rain.

Link for Hot Air Ballooning

Saw people river rafting.


 This was the area to do the Hot Air Ballooning

                                                  I think i had see two rainbows but got one in the picture





                                                                 Letchworth Dam

Deer in the trees

The drive home again taking pictures of the windmills.


  1. It looks absolutely gorgeous. We cannot wait to hit Letchworth in the fall in the peak of season!

  2. It was very nice. We want to go back because we still need to do the Hot Air Balooning. But i bet the fall season would be so nice. Thanks for commenting. I hope to go to Rock City also.