Saturday, June 18, 2011

CLOSED Yves Burger Challenge Contest

Yves Veggie

The Contest is open to Canadian residents who are resident in Canada at the time of entry and winner selection, and who have reached the age of majority in their Province or Territory of residence

single entry

Ends 12:01 p.m. EDT on Friday, July 15th, 2011

The objective of the challenge is to make a digital burger under 290 calories and 12 gr of fat, using the online application made for this purpose. A calories and fat meter is displayed onscreen while the participant makes their burger. If the participant fails to make a burger within the calories and fat limits, he/she will not be able to register for the contest. After the participant finishes the preparation of the digital burger he/she can fill the form and enter the contest.


There is only one Grand Prize consisting of three elements :

A $500 gift card from Home Depot, meant for the winner to purchase a BBQ grill of his/her choice. If the customer doesn’t have easy access to a Home Depot store or if he/she prefers a gift card from another home supplier, then both parties (the winner and Defacto Interactif, as mandated per Hain Celestial Canada) will agree on a gift card from another home supplier. This gift card is not transferable or convertible to cash and must be accepted as awarded. Defacto Interactif will send the gift card by regular mail to the winner’s address within 15 days after having successfully contacted the winner and qualified him/her as the winner of the Yves Burger Challenge. In case of a dispute, the postal stamp will determine the exact time at which the card was mailed to the winner.

Up to $ 250 in the form of Yves Veggie products. Following the selection and acceptance of the winner, Defacto Interactif will contact the winner to determine the amount of product required by the winner for his/her BBQ party, and the logistics for the delivery of this prize. The delivery could be in the form of coupons for free products redeemable at any major grocery store in Canada, or in the form of physical products delivered to a location determined and agreed upon by the winner and Defacto Interactif.

An additional $ 250, which the winner can claim if he/she sends at least one (1) photo of the BBQ Party they have organized following their winning the grand prize. The photos have to be emailed to Defacto Interactif at within 75 days from the prize attribution, and must feature a minimum of 5 people in the BBQ party. Upon receipt and approval of the photo, Defacto Interactif will send a gift card of $ 250 for any national recognized store (agreed upon between both the winner and Defacto Interactif) within 30 days following the acceptance of the photo. The gift card will be sent by mail to the winner’s address (the one that appears in the entry form).

The winner has 60 days to organize the BBQ burger party after being awarded the grand prize. After this time period the winner will not be able to claim the part of the prize related to the Yves Veggie Products for the BBQ party, nor can he/she claim the prize amount for the photo of the BBQ Party.

In the event that the winner chooses not to organize the BBQ party he/she can still claim the $ 500 gift card from the home supplier

Please read rules for further information


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