Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Port Stanley and Aylmer Ontario

We took our youngest son for a day trip. So we went to Port Stanley to go on a Train Ride.
The train ride is for sure meant for kids. As you go on the ride and you get to See Valley View, woodlands and wild flowers

Locomotives "Stanley", "Albert", "Winnie" and "Donald"

Tour a restored CN Caboose

1929 Snow Plow

The Circus Car

They also have other events

                                                                       Our day

The Gift Shop

On the train

The Historical King George VI Lift Bridge


The Roxy 
for a late lunch

Now on our way to Clovermead
Which is a Honey gift shop and an Adventure farm
This is a great place to taked kids on and the big kids too (like me)

Hope you are not afraid of bees you will see why

no comment on this picture of me. I went on it because of the sign. :)

The had hay stacks that were great for the kids as some of them were playing hide and seek

Now to use the ladies washroom before i leave. Wondering why i am sharing that with you. Look what is behind the toilet.

This was a great place to go to lots of fun for the young kids to play and you could spend some time here.
At the end in the gift shop i had to get myself some honey as they have lots to choose from.
They even have samples for you to try so you know what you are getting.
I bought Cinnamon honey which is great in my cup of tea.


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