Monday, August 29, 2011

CLOSED win a Presidents Choice Gift Basket worth $100

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Enter to win a Presidents Choice Gift Basket worth $100 + which includes:

•PC Banana Bread Little Penguin Soft Cookies

•PC Whole Bean Hawaiian Coffee

•PC Pulled Pork Sauce

•PC Meatball Cooking Sauce

•PC Sensitive Baby Wipes

•PC Organics Baby Cereal – Wheat

•PC Organics Naturally Flavoured Fruit and Veggie Snack

•PC Dipping Sauce – Creamy Garlic

•Cosmic Sours

•PC Pizza Cutter

•J± 20HB pencils in tube

•J± Notebook black

•J± Notebook red

•$45.00 Gift cards

•PC GREEN BINS (all other products will be packed in the bin)

•PC GREEN Express Cycle dishwasher tabs

Open to Canada

Ends September 16 2011



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