Saturday, September 3, 2011

Saying good-bye to our cat

Sometime in 1995 my Husband brought a cat home for me as i was always wanting a cat. I remember the day i came home and he told me to look under the dining room table and there she was. She grew with us from a one bedroom apartment to a two bedroom apartment. From having one child who would chase her around. Than to a house and than a second child.

Our cat Bing would sleep on my Husbands pillow alot.
She would also sleep with my oldest son. She liked to lay with my oldest son when he was reading or when he was on his computer.


But in the last year she had lost weight she did not have that pouch of a stomach
and she was being sick alot.
Than she started to pee around the house.
My Husband and I were wondering if it was getting time but were feeling bad.
So my Husband called The Cat Clinic to find out some more information.
We did not want to make a wrong decision.
We told them the things that were going on with Bing and they said we know our cat more than anyone.
So we had the mobile service come to our home.
They checked out Bing and said yes she was very thin and her heart beat was way to fast.
They said we were not terrible if we put Bing down as that was what we were worried about. 
They gave her the sedative to make her relax and does it work quick. My Husband and I held her and my oldest son also held her. I know it was very hard for my son. As she was out of it.
Than it was time to put her to rest. They shaved some fur for us to keep.
They were putting the needle in and said she was bruising to fast and to much. She was very sick and we chose the right time.
They said it looked possibly like cancer or kidney failure.
They were very nice to us and yes to her while they were here. They did not make us feel bad for our choice.
Like they said that the Euthanasia was a form of treatment so that Bing would not suffer living.

Thursday September 1  2011
16 1/2 years old

I want to say thank you to

Dr. Christine Hilton, DVM
Maria Brock


  1. Very sorry to hear, Londia.


  2. I'm really sorry to hear about the loss of your cat.. I know from experience how much a part of the family pets become and how difficult the loss is. :-(