Friday, September 9, 2011

CLOSED EB Loungewear 30-Day Facebook Giveaway

Erin Braxton

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Ends September 30 2011

 Invite your friends to visit and fan our Facebook page. Make sure they let us know who referred them.

 Post comments to the fan page by chiming in on the daily discussions. They will be taking place on the fan page wall.

For extra consideration…

Tweet about this us on  Twitter/erinbraxton
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Upload and share pictures of you lounging in Erin Braxton Loungewear to the Facebook fan page.

Upload and share pictures of you and your friends lounging on the Facebook fan page, and let us know how you would include Erin Braxton Loungewear in your lounging lifestyle in the future.

Make sure you pay close attention to daily prize. It’s non-negotiable in size or color. We’re clearing inventory so be sure you pay attention.

Here i am around the holidays wearing my loungewear of 2010.

Very comfortable for sure


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