Wednesday, May 18, 2011

CLOSED Olymel Canadian Road Trip contest


Open to Canada AOM

Ends on Friday, September 16, 2011, at 11:59 p.m. (EDT)


A Participant may enter the Contest by purchasing a specially identified Olymel product (each being a “Participating Product”):

•Olymel Original Wieners 450 g – 0 57459 62006 8

•Olymel All beef Wieners 450 g – 0 57459 62027 3

•Olymel Jumbo Original Wieners 450 g - 0 57459 62025 9

•Olymel Jumbo All Beef Wieners 450 g – 0 57459 62026 6

The Participant must cut out the promotional sticker on the specially identified packages where indicated. There will be a unique alphanumerical code at the back of the sticker as well as a number of kilometres.

The Participant must go to  (the “Contest Web site”) to register.

1.On first visiting the site, the Participant must create a personal account by completing the registration form (given name, family name, date of birth, full postal address, telephone number and email address). The Participant may use only one email address throughout the Contest, if he/she has more than one.

2.Subsequently, the Participant must enter his/her digital code, which corresponds to a certain number of kilometres that will be recorded on an odometer. Every accumulated kilometre counts as one chance to win.

2.1 Here are the different values in kilometers, as well as the quantities available on the promotional stickers:

◦50 kilometres (or chances of winning) = 500,000 stickers

◦100 kilometres (or chances of winning) = 500,000 stickers

◦150 kilometres (or chances of winning) = 250,000 stickers

Secondary prizes

The draw will take place every Monday around 11:00 a.m. starting on May 9 up until September 19, 2011, from all of the valid entries received before 11:59 p.m. on the Sunday preceding the weekly draw. There is a limit of one (1) secondary prize per person and per residence throughout the duration of the Contest.

The prizes will be a total of twenty (20) propane gas 44,000 BTU Broil-Mate BBQ Barbecues (or the equivalent) during the promotion (having an approximate value of two hundred and fifty dollars ($250) each, including delivery). The BBQs will be delivered from Home Depot Canada and will not be assembled.

Delivery of the BBQs will take place within 30 working days following the date of the draw, solely within the Contest territory, namely a postal address in Canada.

The Grand Prize

There will be a draw on Monday, September 19, 2011, after the weekly draw, from all of the valid entries received, to determine the winner of the Grand Prize (defined below).

There is only one Grand Prize. The Grand Prize includes:

1.Rental of a motorized recreational vehicle for a period of one (1) week, having an approximate value of four thousand Canadian dollars (Can$4,000); and

2.One thousand dollars (Can$1,000) in cash.

The following conditions apply to the Grand Prize:

1.All costs and expenses other than those mentioned above are the responsibility of the Winner or of his/her guests, including activities, meals, gas, beverages (with or without alcohol), tips and non-included taxes, personal insurance; the terms of the Contest rules and to product availability, the rental must take place at the latest on September 19, 2012. Failure to do so will render the prize null and void;

3.The Winner must present a driver’s licence that is valid in his/her province of residence and that entitles him/her to drive the type of vehicle leased. A person designated as the official driver must meet the requirements of the rental agency of the recreational vehicle;

4.The Winner must make all the arrangements related to the rental through the rental agency designated by the Sponsor at the latest thirty (30) days before the requested rental date. The Winner shall provide the contest organizers with the name appearing on his/her driver’s licence. No change of date is authorized once the arrangements are concluded;

5.If the Winner does not use the full rental, he/she will not receive any compensation;

6.The vehicle must be leased in Canada and used only in Canada throughout the rental period;

7.The Winner and his/her guests shall respect every other condition required by the lessor of the motor vehicle; and

8.The approximate rental value is based on the average rental value of a motorized recreational vehicle, which may vary depending on the date and the place of departure. There will be no compensation and none may be claimed if the value of the prize should be less.

The approximate value of the Grand Prize is of five thousand dollars in Canadian currency (Can$5,000).

The odds of winning the Grand Prize will depend on the number of valid entries received by the closing date of the Contest.

Together, the BBQs and the Grand Prize are called the prizes (each being a “Prize”).

Please read rules for further information


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