Friday, May 20, 2011

CLOSED Canadian Beef- Who Rules the Grill?

Summer Grilling Campaign

Canadian Beef

Criteria: Contestants interested in submitting a recipe for the best BBQ Canadian beef recipe will be required to have a personal blog. The subject matter for any recipes must fall into the category of Tri-tip, Flank or Brisket beef cuts to be eligible.

All entries must also contain the term/hashtag #whorulesthegrill, as well as mention Canadian Beef specifically. Prizing will be given out for best 3 recipes.

Submission Process:

•Bloggers must be Canadian residents.

•Bloggers will be entered into the contest for writing a post published on their own blogs focused on one of the following Canadian Beef cuts: Flank, Tri-Tip, Brisket

•Posts must include mention and link to Canadian Beef ( and Who Rules the Grill (

•Blogger must leave a comment on this post with the URL for their entry post in order to be entered.

•For added fun, bloggers who have created a post may also tweet about the contest: I’ve created a delicious @CanadianBeef recipe to prove it is me #whorulesthegrill (including a link to your blog post).Prizing: Five finalists will be chosen from all eligible bloggers; the finalists will be decided by Canadian Beef staff. Three winners will be selected at the end of the contest and decided by our judge’s panel. Prizing will consist of:

1st Cookbook, Meat Thermometer, $300 in grocery gift cards

2nd Cookbook, Meat Thermometer, $200 in grocery gift cards

3rd Cookbook, Meat Thermometer, $100 in grocery gift cards

Timing: This contest will run for a total of four weeks commencing on May 18th to June 9th. With all prizing being awarded within two weeks at the end of the contest duration.

Judging: Finalist judging will be based solely on the decisions of Canada Beef staff. The final award winners will be judged by online ballot from a panel of judges based on expected taste, creativity and presentation.

Contest #2 – Who Rules The Grill Twitter Contest

Twitter: @canadianbeef

Hashtag: #whorulesthegrill

Criteria: Contestants interested in participating in the tweeting portion of the contest will be required to have an active twitter account. All entries must also contain the hashtag #whorulesthegrill in the subject tweet to enter. Prizing will be given out weekly (for best tweet submission that week. There is no limit to the number of tweets. Foul language and sensitive material will be disqualified from entry.

Smack Talk – Why You Grill Canadian Beef Best in YOUR household

e.g. “I have the magic sauce, I am the grill boss, this will be your quite public loss” #whorulesthegrill

e.g. “Ancient proverb – This mom with tongs, leaves no mouth-watering steak unturned” #whorulesthegrill

e.g. “I judge the quality of my steak by the size of the marbling, not the…” #whorulesthegrill

Submission Process: In order to be eligible to enter the twitter portion of the contest, contestants will tweet a creative beef saying, or smack talk. Contestants must ensure that the hashtag is included in the tweet in order to be entered into the contest.

Each Weekly Prize will consist of:

$50 grocery gift card & meat thermometer

Please read rules for further information


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