Saturday, July 16, 2011

Niagara Falls Day

It had been awhile since we had been to Niagara Falls. I always enjoy going. Our youngest son had not done any of the attractions ever. Our oldest son had when he was younger. But it has been quite a few years since we had been.
So we thought on our week of holidays to spend a day at Niagara Falls.

The first thing we did was the Niagara-SkyWheel which was worth the money and the first time any of us have done it. You go around about 4 times and get to see the area quite well. It was fun.
This is an attraction that is something that you would want to do.

After the fun ride we walked along to look at the Falls

People getting ready to go on the Maid OF The Mist

Now for walking along Clifton Hill. We went into the Ripley's Museum. A little expensive to do the attractions along here. You go through it quickly. It was neat but not something i would go out of my way to do again.  

Now we are going up the Skylon Tower also something nice to do as you walk around to deck and see the view from afar.
Very nice

The last attraction of the day and my Husband and i have been on this many times is the
It is still one attraction i find that is fun and enjoyable.
A must if you have never been on it before.
They give you a recyclable poncho to keep clothing dry.
For sure a wet experience.

What a nice day and we had so much fun.



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