Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Collingwood Trip

We went to Collingwood for a night and had fun. We went to the Scenic Caves.

Here are our photos.


Carvings done by someone who uses a chainsaw

Now for the Suspension Bridge
My youngest son was not so sure of going on it at first but you will see he ends up in front of us and is enjoying being on the bridge.

At the end of the bridge was a nice little water fall area on the one side

Now going back on the Sunspension Bridge


Took the tractor ride back to the beginning which was nice after the walking we did and how hot it was

My youngest son wanted to go on a little train ride.
So yes we did it

You can do other things in the Scenic caves area at an extra cost like Zip Lining whick looked like fun.
It is a little expensive to do the caves but it was nice.
If you end up doing them make sure you are dressed comfortable and have running shoes on as lots of walking and going over rocks.
Also in the winter time you can do snow shoeing.
They also have areas in Collingwood wher you can ski.

For dinner we went to

Smaller menu a little expensive.
But very good food and you do have to wait for the food so be prepared.
But it was worth the wait.

Nice town and some nice artwork on the buildings. We did see more but this was the only one we took a picture of.

In the evening after dinner we wanted to see the lake and walk and enjoy the scenery and the sun setting



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