Tuesday, March 1, 2011

CLOSED 2011 Lindt GOLD BUNNY. He's Gold. And He's Gone. Win $10,000 Cash Contest

Go over to  Lindt Gold Bunny

Ends 11:59PM on April 24, 2011

Open to Canada

To enter, visit www.lindtgoldbunny.ca (“Website”), complete the required information and correctly answer the questions regarding the location of the Lindor Eggs and/or the Lindt GOLD BUNNY. For each of the twenty (20) questions you correctly answer, you will receive one entry into the Contest (questions will be added to the Website as the Contest progresses until there are twenty (20) questions, in accordance with when the clues will be available, as described below). To help you correctly answer each question, twenty (20) clues (one clue for each question) will be available. The clues can be obtained through three methods as follows:

 clues will be available on the www.lindtgoldbunny.ca website (one clue will be added each week of the 8 week Contest);
 clues will be available via Facebook (one clue will be added each week of the 8 week Contest); and

 clues will be available to persons attending any of the Lindt GOLD BUNNY in-store events (see the Website for a list of the times and locations of the events).

Regardless of the clue, entrants must return to the Website to answer each question.

Prize. There is one (1) Grand Prize of $10,000 (Cdn) cash.

Please read rules for further information


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