Tuesday, March 15, 2011

CLOSED Facebook-The “Win Activia for life” contest

Go over to Facebook/Danone Canada

Click on the Win Activia For Life Tab

Open to Canada AOM

Ends June 21st, 2011 at 11:59 p.m. (ET)

Limits. Participants must respect the following limits, otherwise they may be disqualified from the Contest:

1.Twenty-five (25) entries obtained by sharing, per email address per day;

2.One hundred (100) entries obtained by entering via a Facebook account, per email address per day;

3.One hundred (100) entries obtained by entering without a Facebook account, per email address per day − One hundred (100) entries obtained per request;

4.One (1) no purchase entry request per email address per week − Each entry text must be different − Fifty (50) entries obtained per request;

5.Each unique code may only be used once for the duration of the Contest Period;

6.Only one email address per person is permitted if a participant has more than one address.

To obtain a unique code during the Contest Period, purchase one of the participating products from Danone’s Activia yogurt line of products (Activia, Activia Fat Free and Activia Fibre sold in packs of 8 × 100 g, 12 × 100 g and 24 × 100 g, Activia Dessert sold in packs of 4 × 110 g, Drinkable Activia sold in packs of 4 × 200 ml) (hereafter referred to as the “Participating Product(s)”), subject to product availability. Carefully open the Participating Product pack. Inside, you will find a unique code printed on the reverse side of the packaging.


One hundred (100) prizes are offered at a rate of one (1) prize per day during the Contest Period. Each prize has an approximate total value of $7,000. Each prize will be awarded as fifty-two (52) money-off coupons sent by mail once a year for life. “For life” duration is limited to a period of 25 years. Each money-off coupon can be exchanged for one of the following products, subject to product availability: 650 g or 8 × 100 g pack of Activia, Activia Fat Free or Activia Fibre, 4 × 110 g pack of Activia Dessert or 4 × 200 ml pack of Drinkable Activia.

Option. Winners may choose an alternative prize, i.e. $1,500 awarded by cheque.

There is a limit of one (1) prize per person and per residence during the Contest Period.

Please read rules for further information


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