Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Garnier 100% Color review

I have been wanting to color my hair for awhile  now, so i took a trip to
with my 2 sons and purchased more than the hair color.
But i was looking at two different colors i think one was dark brown and the one i chose was Brownish Black 200  Garnier
Even better it was on sale
Also it is enriched with Vitamin B3 and B6

I was looking at the back of the box to see what your hair color is before and what it would look like after.
So my oldest son told me to go with the box i chose as the color looked lighter, and my younger son was saying the same.
So i did.
Went home and got into some old clothes and old towels to prepare myself to a new look.
I think the look i was thinking to have was a dark brown.
Than when i was done i dried my hair to see what it looked like.
I said OH NO!
Was not expecting black. Even though it is called brownish black.
From the back of the box i thought it would be dark brown.
I yell downstairs to my sons and say "Thanks alot, my hair is black."
My son asks me to come downstairs and show them.
My oldest tells me he does not like it.
I think great and thanks for choosing the color.
I say never ask your 13 and 6 year old boys to help choose a colour. LOL
Anyways i comment on my Facebook  page about the new look and put a picture up.
Alot of people were saying they liked it. When my Husband came home he also said he liked it.
The last couple of days at work people have said they like it.
To me i like it but it is alot darker than what i was expecting. 
Wait a few months and i will probably change it again.
A couple of people say my eyes really show up with the colour of my hair.

Here is the look

No make-up on so i might look really pale.
But those blue eyes i do thing show very well.

I know the color will fade so that might make me like it more.
But i am fine with it. 


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