Friday, July 16, 2010

Lots of exercise

Today started off with my Husband and i going to the Wentworth Stairs and walked those all the way down and than up and than half way down than up again. There is 500 stairs. It started off hot but nice.
Came home and relaxed for a little bit than showered.
My oldest son and i than went for a bike ride for an hour.
Thinking my legs were feeling like jelly already from doing the stairs than riding my bike. Oh my legs were not feeling the greatest.
But also my back side was sore from the seat of the bike. I was pushing myself today.
A couple of hours went by and i said to my oldest son lets do something again so we went for a 45 minute walk.  Still my legs feeling like jelly and tender. I have no idea why i was pushing myself so much today. I think  my oldest son was not a happy camper making him get outside and get some exercise.
But oh well.
I think it is a great way to enjoy eachothers company and talk. Though i think i talked more than he did. :)
Even yesterday my oldest son and i were outside walking quite abit as we did the stairs and walked along a trail. We walked for about 2 hous or a little longer yesterday and the weather has been quite hot.
Yesterday it was hazy, but today was a nice clear day.
It had rained last night but it did not bring down the heat we have been having.
Now i wonder what i will do tomorrow.


  1. That's fabulous! It is great to spend quality time like that with your son :O)

  2. Yes it is.
    I know he is not always happy about the exercise but he knows it is good for him. We had a great day.