Monday, July 12, 2010

July Holiday

My Husband and i and our boys went on a Holiday. We are not big travelers as well time and money can make things hard.
Mostly we do not feel always great about doing things with our youngest son as he is not a listener and he can be a tough cookie. We always think he will misbehave.
Bur for how long we were in the car and the heat and all the things we did he was pretty good.
Things turned out better than expected.
Thank goodness.
We had gone away in May for a couple of nights and that turned out but this was a week.
I should have put up about that trip to the Finger Lakes as we had a great time and very nice pictures.
But i am still getting used to do this blog and well i don't think anyone pays attention.
So any ways we went away for  anight to Albany just to stay a night and ate dinner at the Cracker Barrel. Nice dinner and lots of food. The next day we went and saw my Husbands brother and his wife and a couple of the kids at a camp they were at in Noorwood Massachusetts. So we were shown the camp and walked around. Than my Husbands brother took us out for ice cream. My Husbands brother also showed us the Synagogue he is a Rabbi at.
Later that day we ate supper at my Husbands brothers house. Very nice spending time with family.
The next day we went to Boston with my Husbands brother and walked around Quincy Market.
Than took Upper Deck Trolleys  tour around Boston.

Went to the USS Constitution and Charlestown Navy Yard

Saw the USS Cassin Young

Saw Fenway Park

Drove to New Hampshire the next day lots of Mountains through out the drive. Great scenery to take in.
We went to Polar Caves Park New Hampshire

Also went to Lost River Gorge

water under a caveDinner that night at Muddy Moose
Getting ready for the next day to go up Mount Washington, the highest peak in the northeastern U.S., attains an elevation of 6,288 feet

Going up in the Cog Railway
The top.

Now Wild Cat Mountain

Misty, cloudy
Now to Flume Gorge and Visitor Center at Franconia Notch State Park, in the heart of the popular White Mountain National Forest

Heading to Vermont

Mount Mansfield Vermont now at my Husbands cousins house Than our long drive home from Vermont took about 11 hours. As we had stopped a few times for washroom breaks and snacks. Than crossing the border took sometime which is understandable.
But we had a wonderful trip but it is nice to be home.
I know that we will travel again and our youngest son was easier than expected.   
We lasted a week our longest holiday in a long time.
It was well worth it.
I did not post all pictures but it was breath taking and great.


  1. Looks like an amazing vacation! Thanks for sharing and welcome home!

  2. Thank you. It was a great vacation.