Thursday, July 15, 2010

CLOSED How do you get your kids to embrace summer reading?

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Getting my oldest son to read was easy as he always liked us reading to him at night.  He enjoyed us laying down with him and reading and he always wanted more books to be read to him. We would read 3 books to him a night from short stories to longer stories. The older he got we would get him to read to us also and see what words he would recognize in the books. Also getting your child to tell you about the book you just read is good for the memory and how they think the story went. We all understand things differently so hearing your child tell you is interesting in the way they think and feel about it.
With my youngest we read to him at night also and still do.  But not as much as we did with our oldest. As he does not always show interest in books.But we keep trying to read because we feel it is good for him and us as parents for togetherness time. He will talk while trying to read books and not always listen. But during the last few months of school my youngest son brought books little ones home that they had to read. He did pretty good on them as they had pictures on the pages also which helps kids with knowing what is going on. For example the page would show a picture of child swinging on swing and the sentence would be child swinging on swing. But i find that children will only look at the pictures and not the words.
So i would tell my youngest son to look at the letters and words also so he could learn the words.  He started doing better at his reading. But he still has time to learn as he is only 5.
I find that reading lets them go into a world of imagination and thinking that you yourself can be a part of that book.
It is good for learning of sometimes new words and your kids sometimes will ask what does a certain word mean.
When they are babies and toddlers you show them picture books with simple words and the older they get you go to books with longer sentences.
Your children enjoy the time together and learning together.
My oldest son still reads as he enjoys fantasy books.
He will read at night mostly before bed and books are always something we purchase for holidays for our oldest son as he likes to relax and read.
So take the time and go into another world and open pages of a book. Use your imagination and let your kids tell you a little bit of what is going on and watch them smile while your having time together to cuddle and just having fun.


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