Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Winter - Felker's Falls and Little Davis

A cool refreshing day to go see waterfalls.
We went to Felker's Falls first

We had seen other people posting photos of Felker's and it looked so nice and people going behind the falls so we wanted to go and see it for ourselves

Make sure you wear proper clothes and footware

When we were getting closer to the falls you have to remember there is water under the ice
and I stepped on a piece I thought was strong enough and my foot went right through into the water so I got one foot soaked.

Lucky it was not freezing and not deep.

We got behind the frozen waterfall

It can be very slippery

The view behind the falls was really cool to see
 Now heading out 

 Little Davis Falls

Bottom of Felker's
 take King St. East exit off the Red Hill Valley Parkway and follow King Street to Quigley Road. Turn right onto Quigley Road and follow it to the end.  Walk past the end of Quigley onto parkland and go straight until you reach Davis Creek. Follow the creek upstream to the base of Felker’s Falls.


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