Saturday, October 5, 2013

Last day of Disney Vacation

                                 Going home today and some extra photos from the Blackberry


                                                    Getting ready for flight to go to Disney
                                               Boat going from resort to Downtown Disney

                                                                        Lego store

                                                                  World of Disney Store
                                                            Huge store and lots to choose from

                                                                 Magic Kingdom

 We were on the free dining plan which you get everyday
-a quick service which is a meal with a drink and dessert
-a snack
-table service which is a meal a drink and dessert
-kids 3 to 9 order from kids menu
-under 3 free

This happens certain times through out the year

Buffets were nice as the kids can eat anything not just kids menu selection  

We booked our Disney Vacation through CAASCO at Hamilton, Mountain Store through Amber Russell she was very helpful and efficient.
Amber is the Disney specialist in that office.

 We had a wonderful vacation. It was very magical. Something to remember for a life time.
From the movies to the rides animatronics to 3-D movies. They make things seem real from fans blowing in the movies as if it is wind and bubbles falling and getting misted from water as it was part of a scene.
Disney is a wonderful place for all ages. You will feel the magic and feel like a kid again.
They make you fell welcome from smiles and saying hello and parades.
                                                                 I could go on. 


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