Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Disney Vacation day one

                                           Family Vacation to Walt Disney World

My Husband has been wanting to take our family to Walt Disney World for quite a few years now.
I have always been hesitant in agreeing to go. My thought process was that Walt Disney World was just an amusement park and boy was I wrong. My Husband had been there before and he called it the most magical place on earth. I could never fully understand what that meant till recently.

 Day one
Leaving from the
 Buffalo Airport with Southwest Airlines.
 First time for
the kids and I to be on an airplane 

       We just came back from spending 8 nights at Disney's Port Orleans French Quarter Resort 

                                                             Our room

In Disney taking boat over to Downtown Disney  
                                     Dinner quick service at Wolfgang Puck Express in Downtown Disney
                                                        as we were on the free dining plan 
                                                       Spaghetti & Meatballs with Torn Basil

Spicy Chicken Pizza
                                                               Four Cheese Pesto Pizza
                                                            Christmas Store
                                                               Lego store

Still more to post about our family vacation 


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