Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Disney Vacation day two

       Hollywood Studios       
 Great day

                                                         Studio Backlot Tour



                                                     This was great. If you don't want to
                                                       get wet move over to the right 

                                                    My oldest son and I did The Twilight Zone
                                                                  Tower Of terror
                                                All I can say was that was quite the ride

                                   Star Tours- The Adventure Continue 3-D motion
This was fun

                                                          Toy Story Midway Mania
                                               cute and fun shoot at targets and gain points
                                              Get your fast pass for this because it is one of the most
                                             popular rides and long waits if you don't get the fast pass

                                                         Music in the park

                                                                       Epcot in the afternoon

                                                    The Seas with Nemo & Friends


                                              We were amazed by all the Stroller parking
                                                  Living with the Land very interesting and

Coral Reef Restaurant
aquariums to look at

                                                      Very nice dinner of Steak that my Husband
                                                                          and I had

                                                                 Grilled New York Strip Steak
                                           My youngest has to order from the kids menu and
                                            this was salmon and it was a nice portion meal
                                             Mickey Check Meals - Grilled Fish of the Day
                                             Older son orders from adult menu and
                                                                       he had
                                                               Seared Chicken Breast
Reflections of Earth

Still more to post


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