Monday, November 22, 2010

Frito Lay Chips

                                                                         Great Tasting Snacks

I received what you see in the picture above from  Frito Lay

For a company that has been around for more than 75 years is still growing and changing with the times.
As with being more enviromental friendly and more nutritious.
They use potatoes or corn and all-natural oils and salt.

They were one of the first major food companies to remove partially hydrogenerated oils from cooking oil in 2003.
So that means the chips have 0 grams trans fat because they use all-natural oils and sunflower oil.

Most of the chips contain less salt than an amount of sodium in a slice of bread. WOW

So the days of saying junk food becomes even better. So you don't feel so bad when you want that snack because they are making it better for you.

I have to say that we do buy different brands of chips and yes Frito Lay  is a part of that quite a bit.
But this is the first time i have ever had Original Sun Chips as we have purchased the Cheddar. They were very good and i know i will buy them again with whole grain taste and lightly salted.
The Tostios Scoops we have had and great to eat plain or with Salsa or dip.
The Lays lightly salted were nice tasting also with less salt than regular chips.

I also have to say a favourite chip is Doritos in our house. A bag does not last long.
Frito Lay is also being enviromentaly friendly as they use renewable energy like solar power in an effort to reduce the amount of water, electricity and fuel that is used.
They are also taking measures to divert at least 99% of waste from landfills by reusing their shipping cartons up to 6 times before recycling them to help reduce cardboard waste.
They are looking after you as a consumer on making a healthier snack and taking measures to be more enviromentaly friendly.
All a great step in the right direction.

Disclosure: I received free samples of Frito-Lay chips for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own.


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