Sunday, November 14, 2010

Child Behavior

We have has some behavior issues with our 5 year old son for along time now.
He has been better since the summer but still does not always listen.
In 2009 he had started school and we were worried about how he was going to be and we had every right to worry as had some issues with being to close to other students and not giving them space, not listening in class and going to the principals office.
My Husband kept on saying maybe we should get some help. I was like no, maybe it is us. My Husband said stop blaming us we need to get him help and us.

I finally listened. So we first went to the family doctors and they said to contact
Contact Hamilton. My Husband was on the phone with them for a little over an hour as they ask you lots of questions like yes and no questions about your child and even you as parents. The lady he spoke to was very good and had been doing this job for a long time and she said she thinks it is just behavior issues but she wanted us to see a  pediatrician. As they know alot more and can  assess our son better.
So back to calling the family doctor so they could give us a referral and an appointment.

April 2010  we take our youngest son to see the  pediatrician. Which she asked us alot of questions and measured our sons head and checked him over and wanted blood work done. We were there an hour thinking it was going to be short we did not bring anything to play with for our son. NOT THINKING again that we were going to be that long. As most times you are in and out of the office so fast but not in this case. But than our youngest was getting hyper and for most of the hour was up and down on the bed. But we told her that he is not always like that so she knew better of not to label him.
She also told us to start giving him Omega 3 because it to help children and the brain and good for learning in so many words.
The only thing when our sons blood work came back was he had low iron.
Whic he was already taking multivitamins with Iron and which he still gets.
We had finally started giving him the omega 3. Not sure if it did anything but we thought it is worth a try. As also we still give him Omega 3.

Also this week we went to a program to watch a video about behavior which also had other parents at it also which we signed up for.
It was about 1-2-3 Magic
More information about the books and such here  by Dr. Thomas W. Phelan 

We all watched the video and than the lady that was presenting the video to us also talked to us all and let us ask questions and she answered our questions.
I felt the video was very good and we are going to try this on our son.

It is a different approach to discipline.
I think i realized that i talk to much when i  am trying to get my son to listen= discipline.
The less talk is better.  
I know i would like to get more information from this as it may help with us a parents and help our son to behave better.
It takes one step at a time and to get in the right direction.

For this year of school my son has changed to being better than last year. But the teacher does say he still has areas he needs to work on.
It has only been a few months of school so i hope  that he improves.


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