Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Review on Avia Motion Shoes

The website

The shoe i bought

I had tried on a pair of the Skechers and the Reebok and the Avia motion shoes. I ended up buying the Avia shoes which i bought recently and they seem very comfortable. They all were different on the foot but i also was a size up on all the shoes i tried than my usual size so they must have more material on the inside or they are made different.

I don’t usually buy myself expensive shoes but my Husband and i had to go get our youngest son some shoes and we saw these and my Husband said why not get a pair as you always have sore feet and back and this might help out.

So far i am really liking the shoes and i hope they help with the aches and get me in shape.
They have a rocker area in the arch area of the foot which does feel like you are rocking.
They feel very comfortable and i am not a jogger but try it once in a while and i found these shoes to be less stress on my feet during and after i jog.
Walking feels good as also less stress on my legs in back. But yes i have only worn these more recent but am enjoying them so far.
But than today i read on Yahoo
This part copied and pasted from Yahoo 
10 Ways You're Getting Ripped Off

Fitness Shoes

The Rip-Off: Reebok calls it the EasyTone; Skechers, the ShapeUp. These curved-sole shoes, transforming people into human rocking chairs, cost up to $130 and promise to keep you fit even while grocery shopping. During 2009 sales grew 14-fold to $245 million, estimates market researcher NPD. One problem: "They mostly affect the foot and ankle," says Dr. Michael Ross, director of Rothman Institute's Sports Performance Lab, which counts the Philadelphia Eagles, Phillies and Flyers among its clients. "There is no evidence they will help you tone better or quicker than a regular shoe."
How to Avoid It: Join a gym.

--Christina Settimi

So now do i think any different about the shoes yes and no. I think if i keep walking and wearing them that i feel that they will help with less stress on my  feet, legs and back but i guess i will find out the more i wear them and the more feed back that comes from them from word of mouth.


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