Monday, May 24, 2010

13 and growing

Where has the time gone. I remember finding out that i was going to have a boy. The day you came into our lives has a new beginning for me and your Father.
Cuddling and loving and holding you in our arms.
Taking you to daycare and wondering if you would adjust than growing some more and than school.
Would you do well and make friends.
Oh you did.
Time has passed.
Than when we found out we were having your brother and telling you that you would be a big brother.
I wish that you and your brother would have more good moments than sometimes you do. But yes there is an age difference and you both want your ways.
You have grown into a fine young man.
Looking at how you have grown and changed. You are quiet and like to play computer games and watch tv.
You enjoy reading and i think you even like school. :)
You are a teen and i know new things will happen to you and you will change even more. We will be there for you to talk to and watch you grow and make mistakes and hope to learn from them.
But i want you to know one thing that we Love you

This was to be posted on May 23


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