Monday, May 31, 2010

Peanut Free Products

                                    Treasure Mills

Is a Canadian owned company specializing in the manufacture of Allergen Free baked goods, and Hearth Baked Bread products.

Since schools do not allow peanut products into the school it can be fun finding fun snacks for the kids.
You want them to enjoy what they are having and knowing that you are not effecting anyone else with these food products.

We have eaten the Banana Loafs quite a bit they are nice and fresh and have chocolate chips in them and are individually wrapped for freshness and great to put into a lunchbag.

The only store i have seen and bought them in is Costco but if you checkout the site it will name other retailers which carry them and it will also give you more information about the company and the products.

I would like to try more of there products as i have enjoyed what we have purchased from them so far.
So go check them out as they are delicious and see where you can go purchase them.


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