Sunday, December 17, 2017

Sifton Bog

I have not blogged in awhile
not sure really why. Maybe not just in the mood. I know at the time I shared on other social media but not here. 
So do realize these are behind.

This is from August of 2017 

We went to Sifton Bog which was a very nice area but it was a short walk and we were not familiar with the area so we did not check out to see if there was more areas to walk.
So don't go out of your way to drive here unless you are going to do other things.
Or look up the area to see what more trails you can walk as we did not really do that.
\which most times we do look up what we want to do but for some reason we just wanted to go for a drive and knew we were heading to the Sifton Bog.
You can see more information here




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