Sunday, August 6, 2017

Bottom Of Tews Falls

We have seen Tews Falls from the top many times but never have done the bottom trail. My Husband and I always talked about it and finally decided to do it.We did this last weekend. We went the wrong way on the trail so it was lots of climbing up and down and great exercise or should I say we were very sore for a few days. 
Anyways a good description on doing this trail is here
When we finally made it all I can say it was worth it and you will want to go behind the falls if you can and get wet.

You can see at the top where people would view at the platform on the right.

Coming back off the trail we went the right way and it was a lot easier.
As we were heading back to the car we saw part of
Dundas Falls

Directions from Hwy 403:  From Hwy 403 take the Hwy 6 N (Guelph) exit and travel approximately 3 km to Hwy 5 E. (Dundas St. E.). Turn left on Hwy 5 E. and then turn left onto Brock Rd. Brock Rd. will turn into King St. as you go down the Escarpment. The waterfall is under the railway embankment also the beginning of Tews falls trail starts soon


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