Saturday, October 24, 2015

Round The Lake Trail - Christie Lake

We park in a parking lot which is along Crooks Hollow Road
you pay $2 per hour
You walk up the street to the  Darnley Grist Mill and walk up the trail past the bridge go to your left and start doing the Christie Lake trail
It took us almost 2 hours to walk the trail that is with stopping and taking photos, enjoying scenery and wondering if we were going the right way as you finally do walk through Christies conservation area.
There was no signage or markers on the conservation area that we could see to get us back on the trail.
If you plan on doing this trail you might want to Google map it first to have a good understanding of where the trail leads to.
We knew ahead of time that we had to follow along the lake to get back to the Christie Lake Dam
but we could not find trail markers easily to get back on the trail.
We eventually found the trail that led us through the Christie Lake disc golf course which led us back to the dam.

Darnley Grist mill

 Darnley Cascade
along the  trail

Christie Conservation Area
Along the trail 

Christie Lake Dam

See the opposite side that is what we walked around
Leaving now

Here is a picture of the map


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