Friday, October 23, 2015

Hamilton Waterfront Trail

You want to get out and get some exercise from walking, jogging, bicycling or rollerblading
this trail is smooth and great to do.
We park over at  Bayfront Park
as of now it has been free parking 
If you park on the Princess Point side you pay for parking

We walk from Bayfront to Princess Point and than walk back.

It matters your pace but it takes us about an hour and 10 minutes 
We were not walking fast paced

Closer to the Cootes side is these stairs that you can do
if you go up them you can go towards Dundurn Castle and some nice look outs to see
We sometimes do the stairs. I did them this time.

At Cootes Paradise there is an impressive staircase with a cycling trough leading to Dundurn Park and some amazing lookouts. From here you can connect to Burlington via York Street- extreme caution is needed when crossing the ramp from the 403. - See more at:
You might find more information of the trail here
Princess Point
Bayfront Park
Bayfront Park
Bayfront Park


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