Monday, August 3, 2015

Sunflowers at Bogle Seeds

With social media and someone sharing about Bogle Seeds
it had got my attention as I like the look of Sunflowers so I showed my Husband and he said we will try and go there.
So today we did just that. 
A very nice sunny day.

It cost $5 per person to get in and you get to walk around the Sunflower field and take photos.
We were there for an hour.

Today was the last day for the season for them to be open as they will begin patrolling the fields to repel the black birds at which time it will be too dangerous for photographers to be in the fields.
It was very busy being there mostly when we were leaving many cars were still coming in.
On Saturday there was over 400 people enjoying the Sunflower fields.
We spoke to the son and he was very informative and friendly.
Great day seeing beautiful Sunflowers

LOCATION: 572 Safari Road, just West of Highway #6 

Someone made a face on one of the Sunflowers


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