Saturday, June 27, 2015

Dorset Scenic Lookout Tower

My Husband and I saw a video for the Dorset Scenic Lookout tower and thought it would be very nice to go to but we were unsure about the height and the stairs looked so narrow in the video we saw.
But we still wanted to go.
But driving up to it when we saw it in the distance again we were thinking can we do this. But when we got there it seemed easy to go up. What a beutiful view we saw. A lot of visitors go during the fall and I can see why. Just iamgine the colours.

 The observation deck offers a 360 degree view, 142 metres (456 feet) above Lake of Bays.

For those who enjoy the view closer to the ground Peek-a-boo Rock keeps your feet on the ground with a great view across Dorset.
Here are photos from here

There is also a hiking trail on site which we did also which was filled with mosqitos so make sure you cover up and bring bug spray. As they are all around you. The trail took about an hour to do and does have some steep areas on it. We got a good sweat since we wore sweaters to protect from the bugs.

Dorset Lookout Tower
1191 Dorset Scenic Tower Rd. (located off Hwy. 35, just north of the village of Dorset)


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