Saturday, June 27, 2015

Adoption from the SPCA

My Husband and I had talked about getting an animal off and on. Just waiting for the right time.
If we saw something online or heard about it in another way. But my Husband started following the SPCA on Facebook for a couple of months and in early June 2015 he saw they put up a post about that they had so many cats and they wanted people to adopt so they had dropped the prices.  Normally an adult cat at the SPCA is $175.00 but during this weekend flash sale they had dropped the price down to only $50.00 My Husband and and I talked to the kids about possibly getting a cat. They were happy with that. So my Husband and I went to go look we were talking about while driving over there and thinking of names for a cat that we would choose and I was saying it will have a name and if they had it for a while would we keep the name. We thought we would wait and see till we got there.

There were a lot of kittens and cats when we got there. We saw a cat that we wanted to see so the staff told us to go to this room and they would bring her to us. But the lady came in after and said they were having trouble getting her out as the cat was being aggressive and she did not want to come out. We did not want to cause to much stress on the cat so we said about seeing another one.
Tina the cat came out next for us. She was curious and walking around and wanting to get out of the room but she let me hold her. We were in the room with Tina for bit and getting used to her and her to us.Tina is a 2 year old cat who was at the SPCA since April. We chose to take her to be a part of our family. The staff brought in a carrier box to put her in and she jumped in it. But once it was closed she was pushing up at it and wanted out and meowing. But she calmed down.
The process of getting her was long as it was busy there. We filled out a form when we first got there and than when we chose Tina we had more forms to fill out.
It was an easy process and we were on our way. We had to go get cat food and litter and than we brought her home.

My Husband set up the cat litter and food and than we took Tina out of the carrier and put her in the litter box to get used to where she was going to go. She walked around our basement for a little bit getting used to things and being curious and than she came upstairs.

She did very well. She slept on our bed the very first night. We were so surprised how well she adjusted to our home and our family as she was a stray when the SPCA got her.

She is a big part of our family now and we enjoy her and she enjoys being with us as she purrs often and is comfortable with us too.

If you are wanting to help an animal find a good home or want to donate go check out the
 Hamilton/Burlington SPCA


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