Friday, August 24, 2012

Port Colborne

We thought we would spend a few hours at Port Colborne with our youngest son.
We made it perfect timing to watch a ship come through the canal. We were at Lock 8 for these pictures.

              Now for the bridge to come back down and the wating traffic to go through.

Now we thought we would walk the area to the restaurants along King Street, which was a good walk with our youngest and it took about half an hour or longer to get there. If you don't mind walking. Good exercise.

For Lunch we went to Canal Side which was very nice.

For lunch i had
Picode Gallo Steak Wrap with fresh cut fries

My Husband had 

Garlic Steak Sandwich with fresh cut fries

Our son had
Breaded Chicken Tenderloin with fresh cut fries

Our son ate his fries which he does not always do. So i know he enjoyed his meal very much. It was great food and great service.

Finished lunch and getting ready to head back to the car walking again always fun after you have eaten and stuffed yourself with food. :) You can drive over to this part and park, but we wanted to get a good walk and enjoy our time.


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