Saturday, August 25, 2012

Memphis Fire Bbq


Do you like to eat? Silly question, maybe. When you go to a restaurant  do you ever think it would be nice to have something different then the usual or you feel that most restaurants have the same idea of foods.
Yes it is still good but you want a change.
Or you watch the show You Gotta Eat Here on the Food Network. All you think about is food and you want to try a restaurant like the ones you see on the show.

Well here is a great example of one of those types of restaurants.

We went to Memphis Fire Bbq for dinner
Our oldest son and i had The Big Chef Burger with Coney Island Fries and to drink we had a root beer float.
My Husband had the beef brisket sandwich with Coney Island Fries and to drink a root beer float.
Our youngest son had smoked wings and to drink a handmade milkshake - chocolate.
The service was great and the food was yummy and alot of food. The burgers were huge and the fries were not your usual fries they were topped  with chilli and onions and cheese. They were so good. The milkshake was a very sweet chocolate and they fill up your cup but they also give you another cup to fill up again which was sweet and tasty. The floats i have not had one since i was a kid, but we all thought we would be a big kid and have one. They were good. I wish we had brought the camera that day.

But wait! The next time we brought it with us and we had to go back for breakfast because we wanted to.
Again we had great service and again lots of food.
My Husband and i had The Suburban Breakfast which had eggs of your choice with bacon, ham and sausage and spuds a buttermilk biscuit and pit beans also pancakes with a side topping of Spiced Apple but my Husband topped his with Strawberry
Our oldest son had the Country platter which was malted pancakes with topping of spiced apple.
The food was so delicious and with the meal that my Husband and i had a taste of a little bit of everything.

Also something that was nice to have on the table as it may be simple was extra napkins and moist towelettes which was very nice as they are something you need when eating here.

If you are in the area you gotta eat here which is located  1091 Hwy. 8, Stoney Creek, Ontario

                                                   Our oldest sons breakfast
Now the meal that my Husband and i had, two plates of food 

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