Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Leonard Harrison State Park-Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania

First day of our trip

My Husband and i went away to go see Leonard Harrison State Park
for part of our holidays. It was very hot outside and it is lots of walking. From trails and steps and some areas are steep. It is 2 miles down and back up.

Now for our stay was at Bear Mountain Lodge
in the Bear Room.
It is a nice small room and nice and quaint.
We only had one problem which was the Air. It was leaking in 2 spots. But other then that it was nice.
It had a hot tub out on the balcony and they give you complimentary snacks and drinks and you can take more if you need it from the kitchen.

This is our room

This is the Lodge

Dinner was at Lambs Creek. It was nice and you can dress casual and lots of choices of food.
My Husband had Steak and i had Prime Rib


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