Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Business 2 Blogger

Are you a blogger?
Or are you a company?

Being a blogger and you are looking to do

Can help both of you.
To get the company with the blog.
The company can post what they would like to do a review about and the location of where you are from.
You than as a blogger can sign up for the companies that you are interested in.
If you sign up does not mean that you will get into that campaign.
But sign up for what you feel would be good for you and your blog.
I have only signed up a few times and so far have not done a campaign.
But i like the fact that you can sign up for what might interest you and the company can choose to work with you or not.
But it helps us bloggers to find more opportunities to help companies get the word out there about them and the products that they sell. 
The whole thing is it gets exposure for you as a blogger and it gets the company exposure.
You will receive emails from Business 2 Blogger that will update you on new campaigns that you might want to join also.

For me as i am still learning about the blogging world and wanting to be able to try products and do reviews i was looking for ways that could get my foot in the door so that is why i chose to join.
So new or old of having a blog
or a company but want to work together and get the word out
than come and sign up today.

Option 1
Ends Wednesday April 20th at 10pm EST


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