Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Taking Up Our Carpet

Oh what a fun job. NOT!
It all started of as a talk between my Husband and I about lifting up our carpet because i could smell something in the house as if one of our animals had went pee. Yes i said pee.
We even had found wet spots near the front door. I had lifted the carpets from all of our rooms for the same reason years ago.
We have all hardwood floors in the rooms and we knew we did in the living room, dining room area. It was just a matter of the condition it was in.
The rooms are in good condition.
We started off with the wallpapper which was only the bottom half of the wall around the living and dining room the kids and my Husband and I did that. Wetting it down and tearing at it. Than for turning our house upside down it seemed for all the work to do.

Here is the Entertainment unit taken apart bottom half near wall and top half in front which was heavy and awkward.
Here is everything piled up on tables    front doorhere is the dining room area after     Here is the stain we found which also could be from wet shoes and boots over time.
Quite the stain.

But overall i do not think the floors were in bad shape.
The tack strips with nails and the underpadding with staples leave little holes in the floor.
But next we have to do the hallway.
We will probably end up getting big area rugs for warmth and comfort and to protect the floors. 


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