Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Review of Costume Wholesale Club

It is getting to that time of year where you will be thinking about Halloween and trying to find those great Costumes.
You can find so many from kids to adults and your pets, from funny to scary to so much more.
I had the opportunity to try a costume.
So we chose one for my youngest son or should i say he chose one for himself. So we checked out the boys Halloween costumes. Well my son and i and my Husband
were looking at them and my son found the one he wanted which was the  Clone Trooper Costume.
He was so happy looking at the costumes. My Husband and i looked at the prices thinking great prices and so many to choose from. Also lots of different sizes too.

Here is my youngest in his costume
 The Clone Trooper costume fit him perfectly. I was thinking i should have gone up a size so he would have a little room to grow but i did not.  As we chose a size small as he is 5 years old. It came quickly and in its package of the suit and mask.
I like the mask that it is not a full mask so it is easy to get on and off. As sometimes people feel to confined with a full mask and feel that they have troulbe with breathing. Where this one my son liked.
I think he wore ir for quite sometime and did not want to take it off.
You also can buy the accessories for your costumes also from http://www.wholesalecostumeclub.com/ .
 You can even become a member and save $5 a year. Mostly when you have a whole family to buy costumes for that is great.
But even if you don't become a member the prices are great compared to other places you may shop for costumes.
So start getting ready for Halloween and check out wholesalecostumeclub today.

Thank you  to wholesalecostumeclub  for letting my son have a costume.


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