Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Inniskillin Ice Wine Party

We had our Inniskillin Ice Wine Party on August 21 2010  In the evening. As i was chosen as one of 500 lucky Ontario wine lovers to host Inniskillin's ENJOY A TASTE OF CANADA party in my home. We purchased more things to go along with it than what i received. Which we received quite a bit but we wanted to have more.
We received 2 coupons for  Inniskillin Ice wine. Which we chose was the Vidal.
But we also purchased a Dry Riesling Wine also. For the ones who like dry wine.
Coupons for Dare Crackers and Music.
Fruit on this table
We had another table with vegetables and dip
Cheese to go with the crackers
I received this from
We had a great time about a 4 hour party talking about everything.
I have to say that i like the Ice Wine very much nice and sweet and you do not need to have alot of it.

    I think i have had to much with that look on my face. LOLThe kids ate and stayed up late.

We had a great party and hope to have more.


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