Thursday, September 4, 2014

Saying Good-bye to our dog

 Doogle came in to our life in 2007 when he was just 2 yrs old. He was given to us by friends and he immediately fit in to our family lifestyle. My Husband always wanted a dog but having a dog is a huge responsibilty. But we were lucky to get Doogle. He was a  Shih Tzu and he was perfect for our family as he was lazy,quiet, calm and good with our children.

But as he grew older Doogle came down with a few issues. Anxiety issues which led to many sleepless nights due to thunder and lightning storms, even loud trucks and of course fire crackers. Even within the past couple of years he injured his back while jumping off furniture.

Doogle was not the kind of dog that many people dream of having. He did not greet you when you came home from work or school. He rarely waged his tail. He even preferred to stay close to home then go for a long walk. But he was our Doogle and when he came looking for attention you better be ready.

Each one of my family had a different relationship with Doogle. My youngest son always had to find Doogle at his bed time to give him a kiss good night. My oldest son slept with Doogle in our basement as Doogle felt more comfortable there. My husband had a special bond with Doogle, he was Doogle's master. He loved Doogle with all his heart. My relationship with Doogle was also very strong, I loved holding him when he let me and just petting him.

But things changed last weekend when Doogle reinjured his back while trying to jump onto a high raised bed. He fell awkwardly backwards and that led to a serious life ending injury. Within 24hrs of Doogle being hurt we noticed a severe change in Doogle, he was having difficulty walking. My husband took Doogle to the vets who gave him a thorough examination including xrays and blood work. The xrays showed that one of his discs in his lower back had ruptured. He was given pain meds and muscle relaxers to help get Doogle back on his feet. But after 4 days of constant rest, not eating or drinking and even having more difficulty walking Doogle was taken back to the vets and was put to sleep.

Today was a very sad and emotional day for my family. Doogle will always be in our hearts and cherished in our thoughts. He will be missed beyond words. RIP Doogle.

Thursday September 4 2014
9 1/2 years old


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