Sunday, April 27, 2014

Progreston Falls

                                                         Town of Carlisle

Says private property on sites I have read. We went to it and there was a little spot that is not really for parking and we parked there and got out of the car. We saw some kids going on the property and followed not to far behind. There was a big black gate that you could walk around a path to get to the area. Lots of trees were down in the area. Not smooth to get around.

To get there  Directions from Hwy 403:  From Hwy 403 take the Hwy 6 N (Guelph) exit and travel approximately 13 km to Carlisle Rd. Turn right on Carlisle Rd. and then turn right onto Progreston Rd. The waterfall is beneath the overhead railway bridge.

                                              I went down the stairs to the bottom to get closer

                                               The way I came up I should not have done
                                went across a pipe and climbed up the ladder on the wall


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