Saturday, March 16, 2013

CLOSED~(Facebook)The Survival of the Funnest Contest

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Open to Canada over the AOM

Ends on Sunday, June 2, 2013 at 23:59 (EDT)

Grand Prize Details

  One (1) grand prize (the “Grand  Prize”)  will be awarded  in this Contest.  The Grand  Prize consists  of  one  (1)  seven  (7)  consecutive  night  Caribbean  cruise  departing  from  Fort Lauderdale  or  Orlando  (Florida,  United  States)  aboard  a  Royal  Caribbean  International vessel. The Prize includes:

(a)     Four  (4)  return  economy  air  fare  tickets  with  an  airline  chosen  at  the  Sponsor’s discretion for four (4) individuals from the Canadian international airport closest to the Grand  Prize  Grand  Winner’s  place  of  residence  to  an  airport  within  a  reasonable distance from the departure and arrival locations of the cruise;

(b)     A reservation  ticket for one (1) seven (7) consecutive  night cruise for four (4) people (either two (2) adults and two (2) children under eighteen (18) years of age or one (1) adult and three (3) children  under eighteen  (18) years of age, including  at least one adult  over  twenty-one  (21)  years  of  age),  in  the  Caribbean,  departing  from  Fort Lauderdale or Orlando (Florida, United States) aboard Royal Caribbean International’s Allure of the Seas, Oasis of the Seas or Freedom of the Seas vessels; and

(c)     One thousand five hundred (1,500) Canadian dollars ($1,500 CAD) spending money.
 The approximate value of the Grand Prize is eight thousand Canadian dollars ($8,000 CAD), excluding applicable taxes, considering that the point of departure for the trip is the Montreal- Trudeau airport (Quebec).

  The trip must take place between June 10, 2013 and June 10, 2014

Secondary Prize Details

  Fourteen (14) Secondary Prizes (each a “Secondary Prize”) will be awarded in this Contest.
Secondary Prizes are divided between three (3) prize categories, as follows:

(a)     First Category: Three (3) prizes, each consisting of one (1) digital iPad Wi-fi 32G tablet
(the approximate retail value of which is $700 CAD per tablet);

(b)     Second  Category:  Five (5) prizes, each consisting  of one (1) camping  set, each set including  (i) a tent, (ii) a mini BBQ, (iii) one (1) sleeping  bag; (the approximate  retail value of which is $500 CAD for each set);

(c)     Third Category: Six (6) prizes, each consisting of one set comprising one (1) Nintendo
Wii videogame console and a “Croods game (the approximate retail value of which is
$400 CAD for each set);

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